World Book Day – Roald Dahl



Last week I found out that our school will be celebrating world book day (on the 2nd of March) by focusing on Roald Dahl.

As far as I know, he only wrote in English, however many of his works have been translated into French.

I plan to hand out a sorting task as the starter for my lesson.  Pupils will be required to read and attempt to match up Roald Dahl book titles in French to their English counterparts:


Hopefully this won’t be too difficult as there are many cognates (words easily recognisable from English).

I then plan to discuss the characteristics of some of the main characters of Roald Dahl novels with pupils.  Our objective shall be to write short sentences in French, describing them.

So, in discussing with pupils; we should be able to come up with:

Il s’appelle ……l’énorme crocodile……

Il est ……….méchant et gourmand….

Il est  …..grand et vert…. 

I shall provide LA pupils with a picture of the enormous crocodile, and expect them to annotate it with the short phrases we have discovered together.

More able pupils will be expected to choose their own main character and work using a dictionary.

Will have to let you know how it goes!




Brought up in Belgium. Now Teacher of French. Love Music, Spanish, Dutch and seeing children grow and progress.

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